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Whether it’s a slice of pizza in Sicily, a steaming bowl of pho in Ho Chi Minh or a slice of sachertorte in Vienna, food is a holiday highlight. New research from Panache Cruises has found the world’s best foodie hotspots.

Tokyo, Japan’s buzzing capital city, took the top spot as the world’s best destination for foodie tourists.

James Cole from Panache Cruises, said: “As of 2023, Tokyo has the world’s most Michelin-starred restaurants. Phenomenally, its restaurants have over 200 Michelin stars.

“The culinary scene is packed to an exceptional standard and often credited to traditional street vendors who are incredible at adding a Japanese twist to foreign dishes.”

Japan recently reopened its borders to foreign tourists after the pandemic, making now the perfect time to explore the capital.

Tokyo’s culinary delights include tempura, soba noodles and chankonabe, a hot pot dish packed with fish and vegetables.

Chakonabe is actually the preferred diet of Japan’s famous sumo wrestlers and several restaurants serving the dish are run by ex-athletes.

When it comes to dessert, tourists might want to sample a traditional Japanese sweet, wagashi. One of the most popular wagashi is dorayaki, a type of pastry made from sweet pancakes.

Tokyo residents take dinner time seriously and one ramen restaurant owner recently banned customers from using their phone while they eat.

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In Europe, Paris took the crown as the continent’s foodie capital. The city of love’s sweet treats are world-renowned while the French capital also has plenty of Michelin starred restaurants.

Tourists might not realise that many of Paris’s top attractions are also a habitat for honey bees.

According to a 2015 estimate there are around 700 beehives on top of rooftops in Paris, including on the famous Musee D’Orsay. Visitors can pick up a jar of Parisian honey at shops around the city.

Tourists are never far from a boulangerie in Paris and it’s hard to resist stopping for a croissant for a mid-morning snack.

London took fifth place on the list and was the UK’s leading foodie destination. Tourists could try one of the capital’s many food markets for a taste of its global cuisine.

James Cole of Panache Cruises said: “Lots of holidaymakers are fascinated with food and find it fun to learn about international cuisine while they are away.

“Different parts of the world are full of unique culinary destinations that people can’t experience in the UK, so it is well worth exploring while away and trying something you have never had before.

“With people branching out to explore new places, the global culinary tourism market is expected to make billions in the next few years.”

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