Metronome watch app to help musicians keep perfect time via vibrations on their wrist.



Download Wristronome for your Pebble smart watch.

  • Use the Up or Down buttons on your watch to set a tempo.
  • Press the Select button to start or stop the metronome from vibrating at your chosen tempo.

Note: I imagine repeated/continuous vibration of your Pebble watch isn't the best for battery life but, heck, seems worth it to me to help keep tempo this way.

Future Features

(in priority-ish order)
  • Choose time signature (denoted by longer first beat)
  • Add visual of beat pattern
  • Show button control action bar
  • Update to use Pebble SDK 2.0
  • Remember last beat pattern when closing/opening app (SDK 2.0)
  • Tempo increment by 1 (instead of original 5) BPM
  • Change beat pattern for immediate on/off, tempo update


"The genius here is that it doesn't beep, like most metronomes; instead, it vibrates, silently, at the correct rate. Your audience will never even know that you're getting tempo assistance."

David Pogue, Yahoo Tech


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