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A new study by Moving to Spain analysed the cost of living, healthcare, average apartment prices and average annual sunshine hours to name the « best European country for retirement« .

The experts also looked at the retirement visas, percentage of populations aged 65 and above, life expectancy, total blue flag sites and global peace index scores across every European country.

Malta came first as the « best place for healthcare quality » with a score of 81.5, as well as the most amount of annual sunshine with 2,993 hours a year, and one of the highest life expectancies at 82.86.

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Sicily, Malta is known as « the jewel of the Mediterranean ».

Malta is an incredibly hot country, with average summer temperatures reaching 30C, but it also has rich culture and history that attracts many tourists each year.

Many Britons choose Malta to relocate to for its mild climate and relatively inexpensive cost of living.

Experts at Immigrant Invest named the pros and cons of moving to the beautiful Mediterranean island.

Some of the best parts of living in Malta are the « laid back lifestyle » and the « stress-free life, » plus the country is expat-friendly, « with every fifth resident of Malta being an expat ».

According to Lancet’s Healthcare Access and Quality Index, Malta provides one of the world’s best healthcare systems, and life on the island is much more affordable than in most European countries.

Some cons of living in Malta, according to the experts, include « limited cultural activities and party life » and its « crowded beaches ».

Malta’s Blue Flag beaches are the country’s main attraction but although  » they look heavenly in pictures », during the peak season can be very crowded.

The research also revealed that the country with the highest life expectancy is Spain with the average life expectancy at 83 years old.

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