Tourists warned to book airport parking early to avoid expensive fees

The online car park booking specialist ParkVia is warning holidaymakers to book an airport parking space early to avoid disappointment and expensive alternatives.

The company’s latest report revealed that on-site parking at Luton Airport is already 90 percent full, with predictions that the month will be particularly busy for airports due to hotter temperatures in Europe and disruption from air traffic controllers and baggage handlers on strike.

Dr Valentina Moise from ParkVia explained that, whilst the company is doing everything they can to support tourists, drivers should book their parking as early as possible.

She said: « We constantly review our data to see where spaces are running short. And this year it seems Luton Airport is filling up the fastest – with Gatwick also popular.

« Airport parking is well worth sorting out ahead of time anyway, but especially if you are jetting out of any of these locations over the next few weeks. »

ParkVia recommended that drivers should book a space as early as possible in order to get the best spot for their needs.

For example, the company suggested that young families who have large amounts of luggage and pushchairs should park in a meet and greet space, in which the car is parked by the driver near the airport entrance and then a driver takes it to a secure car park.

However, they also warned that tourists should make sure that they book parking with a reputable operator to make sure that their car is secure when they are away.

Valentina reassured drivers who have yet to book parking for their holiday that they can still save money so long as it is booked before the day of departure.

She added: « UK airports have excellent parking facilities and offer a range of options, from long-stay areas a short shuttle bus ride away to ‘meet and greet’ services next to the terminal.

« Even if you’ve left it too late, it’s always worth booking a space in advance. We have customers booking just 24 hours before arrival – and making some decent savings in the process. »

ParkVia also highlighted that the cost of airport parking in the UK is the second most expensive in Europe, with the average price to park a car for a week being £106.43.

The company found that some airports have significantly increased their prices for this summer, with a week’s parking at London City Airport costing tourists £99.11 in June 2023, compared to just £32.79 in June 2022.

However, other airports in the UK have lowered their parking prices, with the biggest savings offered in Edinburgh Airport, which has seen weekly parking costs fall by 37 percent to £47.81.

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