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Untimely braking or breaking the brake: more than bad

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What is the penile frenulum and what is it for?

The brake, also called « frenulum of the penis » is this small insertion (very thin triangular piece of skin) that connects the foreskin to the glans of the penis. In uncircumcised men, the foreskin slides along the length of the penis during erection to reveal the glans is the head. Then it goes back into place when the penis becomes flaccid.

Rupture of the frenulum in men, what are we talking about?

« During or during intercourse masturbation, when the brake is applied quickly and the « capping » movement is forced, it can happen that the brake breaks completely. This is known as breaking the brake. We talk about a partial rupture if there is still a part », explains Dr. Antoine Faix.

How do you know if you have a torn frenulum?

This accident manifests itself with a violent pain when erectionlike a pricking sensation, and profuse bleeding from the glans.

Fracture of frenulum and rupture of frenulum, what is the difference?

« No difference, » says the urologist. Although it is true that we will more often use the term « rupture » in the general sense and « tear » to name what it is: « Rupture du frenulum: tear of the skin of the skin that connects the foreskin to the glans.

How does brake break occur? the causes

A frenulum of the penis that is too short

Brake break occurs mainly in young menduring the first sexual intercourse without a condom, the condom until then playing a protective role for the glans », continues Antoine Faix. In question : too slow short among these young people. Under the effect of scalping, when the foreskin is removed from the glans and due to repeated friction during sexual intercourse or manual stimulation without lubrication, the frenulum gives way. And when it breaks, it damages an arteriole and causes a small bleed (source 1).

This accident can also occur a the adult man « A little later in sexual life, the skin loses its elasticity and the tension exerted on the frenulum can cause microlesions. Then, little by little, the brake deteriorates, becomes fibrous and shortens. Every time it gets shorter, it can end up breaking and causing a partial or total break of the frenulum », explains Antoine Faix.

Some skin diseases involved

A rupture of the frenulum can also occur in case of skin abnormality such as lichen planus (chronic and relapsing autoimmune disease of the skin, editor’s note).

In other words: men who have a circumcised penis are not affected by this sexual incident, since they no longer have a foreskin.

What to do if the brake breaks? Is that bad?

If the breaking of the brake is visually impressive, for its own sake major bleedingdue to the high number of blood vessels in this area, this accident, however, is not serious and does not present any serious complications. « The bleeding usually stops after local compression at the level of the glans, using a tissue or handkerchief, » the urologist details. He qualifies: « If it doesn’t happen after 15 to 30 minutes, go to the emergency room so that the medical staff can take stock of the small vessel that is broken. »

Once the « bleeding » has stopped, it is necessary to clean with water and neutral soap (intimate toilet type), accompanied, if possible, by a small disinfection with a soft alcohol-free product (Betadine type…).

The partner’s role is also essential when the victim panics before the accident, to calm, reassure, even take charge of the injury.

In the days following the incident, a consultation with a general practitioner or a urologist will be necessary in order to certify the type of tear, total or partial, and to prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Treatments: How to treat a broken brake?

In case of partial break of the brake

Apply a healing ointment (over the counter) and maintain good hygiene in this area, « taking care to retract the pubis in the shower, » continues the urologist. For prevention, you will also need to avoid swimming during the healing period. Allow a few days for the full healing of the penile frenulum.

In case of total break of the brake

If this injury cannot be treated with medication, surgery will be necessary in many cases. The frenulum is lengthened thanks to a small transverse incision: we are talking about frenulum plasty.

Surgery may allow the link between the frenulum and the foreskin to be lengthened to prevent it from tearing again. Antoine Faix, urologist.

This operation is usually done under local anesthesia and takes a few minutes.

What are the consequences of breaking the brake on sexuality?

“In the field of sexuality, the brake is what is called a trigger zone, a trigger zone, which plays an important role in sexual stimulation, pleasure and the triggering of ejaculation, » recalls the French Association of Urology in a press release (source 1). « You know, but , that breaking the brake has no impact. about the pleasure experienced during sexual relations and that the characteristics erogenous from this area are preserved even in the event of an operation », assures Antoine Faix.

Sometimes a mental block

From a psychological point of view, the apprehension of resuming a sex life it’s completely legit. There may be some blockage in penetration and ejaculation which can affect sexuality. It will be highly recommended to take your time and talk about it with your partner. Do not hesitate to consult a sexologist if necessary.

How to avoid breaking the brake?

As mentioned above, a brake that is too short is likely to promote its rupture during intercourse or masturbation. Some symptoms may make you suspect: downward curvature of the glans during erection, feeling of oppression, slight pain during erection… In this case, consulting a urologist will invalidate or confirm this diagnosis. The latter can, if necessary, propose a preventive surgical action to lengthen the brake in order to avoid a possible partial or total rupture of the same.

To conclude, breaking the brake is therefore a fairly common accident among young people, but not only. Although impressive, a ruptured frenulum is fortunately a minor injury and preventive or corrective surgery can resolve this problem.

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