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Wasp sting: symptoms, treatments, allergy


THE wasp more scientifically named wasp is an insect of the family Hymenoptera just like wasps, bees or bumblebees. The wasp would inflict the the most painful bite among all Hymenoptera due to a higher rate ofacetylcholine (a neurotransmitter that further stimulates nerve fibers). However, the risk of a severe reaction is no greater than with wasps, bees or bumblebees. Because the severity of an allergy does not depend on the allergen but on the intensity of the immune response. However, some non-European species of wasps such asWasp mandarinia japonica(said « giant wasp » found in certain Asian countries such as Japan or the United States but not in France) deliver potentially lethal doses of poison.

What are the symptoms of a wasp sting?

  • a intense, sharp pain at the site of the bite ;
  • A swelling of the affected area;
  • a redness ;
  • fromitching;
  • a slight induration around the bitten area.

These signs usually appear seconds or minutes after the bite.

Wasp sting: how long does the pain last?

Most of the time, the pain is localized and goes away within a few hours. However, a mark (redness, bruising) may persist for several days or weeks.

Is it dangerous to be bitten by a wasp?

A wasp sting can be dangerous if allergic reaction serious An allergic reaction is recognized by generalized symptoms throughout the body. These manifestations are mild to moderate when they are only skin: itching, redness, swelling, hives or other rashes…

The patient may also experience digestive disturbances (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea…), headaches and sometimes fever. In this situation, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Finally, the allergy can be more serious than driving breathing difficulties (feeling of suffocation), then we talkangioedema. These symptoms can be accompanied heart rhythm disorders (palpitations), from light headedof pressure drop even loss of consciousness. Is the anaphylactic shock. If these signs appear, it is recommended to contact the UAS marking the 15 where the 112 or go directly to the emergency department to rule out any risk of complications or even death.

A sometimes fatal sting

In addition to severe allergic reactions that can be fatal, the dose of venom injected by a wasp determines the intensity of the clinical manifestations. So it is better to avoid stab yourself several times or approximation a nest or one swarm at risk of being attacked by several of these insects. When faced with the attack of a swarm of wasps, it is better to run. If there is a body of water (pool, sea, lake) nearby, the ideal is still to jump in (even with your clothes on!).

Where you are stung is also important… The sting can affect an organ when it is in the wrong place as is the case of a sting near the eye (on the eyelid or temple) (which is still rare, we assure you). But the worst is a bite near the mouth or directly in the mouth or even in the throat with the risk of suffocation due to swelling. So remember to keep a close eye on your glass when drinking a sweet product outside to eliminate the risk of swallowing any of these bugs.

How to stop a wasp sting?

That’s it, you got stung by a wasp. Don’t panic. Here’s how to react.

Disinfect with vinegar and remove the poison

The first instinct is disinfect the area with one antiseptic product or simply white vinegar. If the bite is on your hand, remove your rings, watch and bracelets to help the blood flow.

Then remove the poison with a poison bomb. You can also approach aa warm spring near the bite (a Hair dryerA lighter or even the end of a cigaretteincandescent). In fact, the poison is thermolabile and can be destroyed by heat.

In case of swelling and pain, you can apply ice on a compress or even to anti-inflammatory cream to the bite In case of stab in the throat, suck on ice cubes (to limit swelling) and go to the emergency room quickly.

Antihistamines in case of allergic reaction

In case of even minor signs of allergy, it is best to consult a doctor to prescribe a antihistamineorally.

A immediate hospitalization is necessary in case of respiratory disorders. If these signs appear, you should contact the SAMU (15 or 112). Support passes for adrenaline injection.

People who know they are allergic should always carry with them a adrenaline pen to be able to react as quickly as possible. A desensitization treatment could be prescribed to prevent recurrences.

Relieve a wasp sting with essential oils

THE essential oils they have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and soothing properties. Therefore, they are often suitable in case of insect bite. You can apply a drop of essential oil to the bite. Recommended essential oils include:

  • i’spike lavender essential oil (soothing) o official lavender (against itching);
  • The essential oil of peppermint (refreshing and effective against edema and pain);
  • The essential oil oflemon eucalyptus (anti-inflammatory);
  • The essential oil of bourbon geranium (healing).

You can use a mixture of one or more of these three oils. It is also possible to mix them with vegetable oils.

What to do in case of an Asian wasp sting?

In 2004, the Asian hornet entered France. You will easily recognize it by its black thorax with yellow-orange spots on the legs and the ring on the abdomen.

There Asian hornet sting it resembles that of all hymenoptera (wasps, bees, etc.). It causes slight redness and swelling in the bitten area. However, it is more painful because the sting is harder and the amount of venom is greater. The unpleasant feeling can last for several days.

The reaction of having is the same as that of a European wasp sting. Disinfect with antiseptic and relieve swelling and pain with ice and/or anti-inflammatory cream. If the pain is too severe, you can take an oral pain reliever such as paracetamol.

How to avoid being bitten?

Here are some easy-to-implement tips to avoid the risk of wasp stings:

  • put on closed shoes during nature walks;
  • Avoid staying with you sugary drinks (soft drinks, open fruit juices, etc.) or food;
  • Avoid wearing smell or fragrant cosmetic products;
  • If a wasp approaches, avoid them. sudden movements ;
  • Do not disturb the hornets or their nest;
  • wear and tear covering clotheswide and light in color.

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