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What to wear under light, transparent, white or lace clothes? — Mode and the city


[Article initialement publié en avril 2019 et mis à jour en avril 2023]

Today we meet for an article in which I answer a question that you ask me very often: what to wear under white, light or transparent clothes ?

I wear a lot of light colored clothes, incl white lace blousesSometimes openwork and a little transparent, Therefore, I have some small tips to feel perfectly comfortable in this type of clothing!

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The body

I rediscovered bodysuits a few years ago and it has become one of my staples: I find it so comfortable to wear, no more drafts on my lower back! The model I wear a lot at the moment is this model Beix Skims (very comfortable and exists in several colors for all skin tones.). It’s a bit small (I wear XS but I think the S would have been even more comfortable, in the color Clay). I love it so much I’ve ordered multiple copies! This Chantelle Soft Stretch model it’s great too, I’ve had mine for a few years!

The top / camisole

The shirt / nude camisole is mine great favorite for wearing under light covers, in lace, openwork and/or slightly transparent. I have this beautiful silk camisole, very comfortable to wear from the Yvo & Moi brand that I usually wear. I also have several nude tops from Uniqlo (bought these years ago. Not a brand I go to anymore, but I have to admit they age well).


One of the simplest and most versatile underwear? The meat headband! Totally invisible under clear or transparent covers, the bandeau is also very useful for asymmetrical lids, very thin strappy tops or strapless dresses! I have a Chantelle model which has followed me for years without breaking down (a great investment). All its Soft Stretch range it’s great for the invisibility side under clothes, with that second skin side that I love!

The bra

Are you more of a crop top than a headband? Once again, Chantelle delivers a superior model that offers support and comfort ! Skims also offers a selection of bras with even more shapes and colors, to really approach all skin tones. I have several pieces from Skims and I am very happy with them (I could not find such a satisfactory offer from more eco-responsible brands, I will follow your recommendations if you have any).

The cakes

Personally, feeling comfortable under certain slightly see-through tops when I don’t feel like wearing a top or braI use it regularly these Etam nipple cakes neither those of H&M. If you don’t like silicone, they also exist in fabric. It’s really super practical and, contrary to what you might think, it’s not uncomfortable to wear, they’re completely forgotten.

What to wear under a white or sheer dress/skirt?

Before discovering the bottoms of dresses and skirtsit had happened to me on several occasions not to buy a skirt or a dress just because I found it a little too transparent and that I didn’t feel comfortable about it. When I discovered dress pants and it was a revolution!

I have a simple and effective naked underwear it’s perfect to wear under a slightly sheer dress. I personally like it even more bottoms of skirts (It’s often on the lower body where sheerness bothers me the most in a dress) and I bought mine from Monoprix years ago (it looks like a very thin flesh colored stretch microfiber skirt). I wear it under dresses like skirts to make them a little more opaque when needed. Obviously, in the middle of summer, it adds thickness and therefore keeps it warmer, but nothing dramatic 😉

I also have these Chantelle shorts (in black and beige) that I usually wear under dresses or skirts. The material is so light that you completely forget about it and it doesn’t roll, which is great! It is also a great ally when you want to ride a bike in a dress / skirt in complete comfort 😉

What to wear under white pants?

In the spring and summer I wear a lot of white and light pants or shorts that make me forget to choose my underwear well. My best ally is flesh colored thong which avoids any demarcation or visibility. I personally wear this kind of very simple model from Skims or this Chantelle Soft Strecth model that I have in several colors. Basics! You can also try red panties or thongs: under the white, they are invisible!

Your advice

I hope you find my tips helpful! Feel free to give me yours if you have any 😉

If you wear often backless clothes (dresses or tops), you can also read my article about what bra to wear under the bare back !

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