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Work your abs pregnant, bad or good idea?

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The benefits of wrapping during pregnancy

Like the others physical activitylining exercises practiced in moderation and with medical approval, will have several benefits on the physical and mental health of the expectant mother:

  • Decrease anxiety (stress) and the state of depression that could be felt
  • control weight gain,
  • Improves venous circulation,
  • Increase the feeling of well-being
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Toning the body (by strengthening the back and abdominal muscles)
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Protect ligaments and joints
  • Preparing for childbirth

What types of lining should be preferred during pregnancy?

« Exercises performed on the elbows, such as a yoga plank, are indicated to strengthen and relieve the muscles of the back and the lateral muscles of the abdomen at the same time during pregnancy, » explains Dr. Cyril Huissoud.

How to proceed?

Lie face down on all fours with your hands or forearms supported. Lift your pelvis slightly as you rest on your toes and keep your legs straight. Make sure your back is straight and flat and your shoulders are over your hands or forearms. Contract your abs and squeeze your butt for about a minute or more. Repeat this exercise two or three times.

Variation of the iron, throughout the months of pregnancy

The more advanced the stage of pregnancy, the more difficult it will be for the expectant mother to maintain the lining postures due to the size of the belly. However, you can continue to practice them on all fours on your forearms, resting on your knees and if there is no discomfort or medical contraindications associated with these targeted exercises.

Which lining position to avoid when pregnant?

Exercises on the floor, on the back during pregnancy should be avoided so as not to compress the vena cava. This compression can reduce venous return and compromise uteroplacental exchanges and cause a decrease in fetal heart rate.

What precautions for lining exercises pregnant?

To be able to guarantee the proper growth of the fetus in the mother’s womb, it must be practiced in moderation and in addition to daily physical activity such as walking, swimming or even gardening… and always with the agreement of the obstetrician or the follow-up midwife.

Until what months of pregnancy should the lining be practiced?

Unless otherwise indicated by the attending physician, lining can be practiced throughout the first trimester, without performance as a goal. Then, due to the enlargement of the belly, it will be more complicated naturally and physically to perform most of the lining exercises. Therefore, they should be avoided in favor of a more appropriate activity such as walking, gymnastics fresh or in an aquatic environment, swimming.

The importance of breathing, adequate nutrition and good hydration

These three parameters are fundamental to ensure the practice of coating without risk. That is, to hydrate well before, during and after the coating session while providing the necessary nutrients for muscle recovery, like bananas. « During the practice of the lining exercises it will be essential to breathe consciously and, therefore, not to cover the nose, with the risk of increasing the pressure in the abdomen and causing unwanted contractions » advises Dr. Cyril Huissoud.

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